The story behind the name “Agent of Simplicity” is a simple one. One sunny April day in 2008 I had an epiphany about life and all of its interactions, and that epiphany was that simplicity was the answer to all the drama and problems that we as people encounter in our lives. Humans strive in everything to convert complexity into simplicity and get very real satisfaction when they achieve that goal. Not only that but humans also derive pleasure from experiencing simplicity, whether it be in a product, service or personal interaction. Take the iPod for example. The iPod converts the complex task of managing a large music library into a simple task. That formula follows for pretty much all Apple products (at least in intention) and other companies who follow that model are very successful (ie: Google, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, etc). So I became an agent of this force, not a master of it, at least not yet.


So what I will be sharing with you is examples of sites that follow the simplicity model, and more importantly sites that need improvement and have forgotten some of the key rules of web design and development.

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